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Singapore - Chinatown

Stamford Raffles
Unique Food

A town which is colourfully painted by its unique traditions and cultures. Everything comes alive in Chinatown now. However, there were many tragedies which occured in this historic district in the past. There was a high death rate during the tragic wars which resulted in many "torn" families and helpless orphans. Inspite of all these happenings, the courageous Chinese are still determined to live on. They pulled themselves together, one in spirit, right here in Chinatown!!!
Chinatown is also known as "Niu Che Shui" in Chinese. The literal translation means "bullock carts' water". This name came about in the early days of Singapore when there was no water supply in Chinatown. So the people living and working there relied on bullock carts for the transportation of water. Therefore Chinatown was dubbed "bullock carts' water" by the locals, and the name is still being used by the Singaporeans.

Take a ride round Chinatown and discover the nostalgia of living in Singapore's past. Chinatown was once the hiding place for the people during the Japanese invasion of Singapore. It was also part of Sir Stamford Raffles' plan.
Chinatown is a great place for ultimate shopping experience as the prices are great there. It is a multiracial place that welcomes visitors from all nations. In this place, you will experience the rich customs and traditions of the great cultures of Asia.
Local dishes will whet your appetite while the major cuisines of the world are easily available at the comfortable restaurants. Enjoy the trip with us as we introduce you to Chinatown.
But wait! Grab a map before you go!